July 22nd, 2015
Michael Thousand, a self-proclaimed nerd and Lego enthusiast, proposed to his girlfriend at Boston's Legoland Discovery Center with an engagement ring made entirely from the wildly popular interlocking plastic building blocks.


The lovely, but equally nerdish, Allison Donlon screamed "Yes" after her beau got down on one knee and delivered his proposal in front of a crowd of 250 Lego fans.


The surprise proposal took place a week ago during Legoland's Adult Night, when — on the third Wednesday of each month — fully grown Lego loyalists get to take over the Lego paradise with like-minded friends.


At the end of the night, master model builder Ian Coffee announced that Thousand and Donlon had won the big mystery prize. What Donlon didn't know was that her clever boyfriend had rigged the results, and the prize was actually a "diamond" engagement ring made completely of Legos.

“We’re just big Lego fans,” Thousand told “I knew that a standard, boring, out-to-dinner kind of thing wasn’t going to cut it.”

Donlon showed off her slightly larger-than-scale plastic ring as if she were a Hollywood celebrity amidst the flashbulbs of the paparazzi. The proud bride-to-be posted the proposal photo to Facebook with the caption, "I SAID YES! — with Mike Thousand at Legoland Discovery Center Boston." The line included an emoji of a diamond ring.


“We’re complete nerds,” Thousand told “We can’t deny that.”

Before making any judgments about the appropriateness of proposing marriage with a plastic engagement ring — no matter how cute and sentimental — please note that Thousand did follow up the Lego ring with a real diamond ring.

The couple from Chelmsford, Mass., which is about 30 miles northwest of Boston, had planned to move to Michigan by the end of July due to Thousand's new job opportunity. He wanted to demonstrate his love and commitment before they headed west.

Legoland Discovery Center Boston gave the couple a shout-out on its Facebook page: "To top it all off, the night ended with a proposal!! We gave him a Lego ring and he gave her a diamond one! Congrats to the newly engaged couple and thanks to everyone who made it yet another fantastic Adult Night!"


A favorite exhibit at the Discovery Center is this city scene, which recreates 20 of Boston's most famous landmarks using Lego bricks.

Images: Facebook/Legoland Discovery Center Boston