July 23rd, 2015
Couples living in the states of Montana, Nevada and Washington spend the most on their engagement rings while their counterparts in South Dakota, Arkansas and Nebraska spend the least, according to figures just released by Ritani.


The high-profile designer of custom engagement rings reveals in a neat infographic the wide disparity in purchasing habits. Segmented by the states in which the couples live, the findings certainly caught us by surprise.

According to Ritani, the blingiest brides-to-be reside in Montana ($9,523), Nevada ($9,478) and Washington ($9,173). On the opposite end of the spectrum are South Dakota ($1,251), Arkansas ($3,176) and Nebraska ($3,835), where couples seem to be more frugal.

Ritani's state-by-state figures seem to align with the national stats reported by The Knot, which pegged the average engagement ring expenditure at $5,855.

The Knot's report, which was based on a survey of 16,000 newly married brides, also revealed that overall wedding budgets are on the rise, with the average tab in 2014 coming in at $31,213, up from $29,858 in 2013. By far, the biggest part of the wedding budget was dedicated to the venue, with the reception hall costs tallying $14,007. The engagement ring ranked as the bridal couple’s second-highest expense.

In Ritani's infographic, the dark purple color represents the states in the second-tier range of $7,500-to-$8,999. They include Minnesota ($8,853), Indiana ($8,763), North Dakota ($8,616), Massachusetts ($8,574), New Hampshire ($8,556), New Jersey ($8,427), Alabama ($8,062), California ($7,991), New York ($7,789) and Illinois ($7,753).

The infographic also includes Ritani's "5 Tips Before Ring Shopping."

Under "Know Her Style," Ritani notes that although 57% of diamonds purchased are round, couples can still step out of the box and design a custom ring based on her personality and style.

Regarding "Know Your Budget," Ritani emphasizes the importance of couples knowing what they're comfortable spending before entering the design process.

"Know the 6 Cs" points to couples being knowledgeable about a diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat weight, while also taking advantage of expert consultation and certification.

In the section "Know How to Spot a Fake," Ritani recommends that couples review its online guide and to ensure that they are buying a GIA-certified diamond.

When making a surprise proposal, the guy will want to "Know Her Ring Size." Ritani recommends using a a ring she already owns to estimate her size and, when in doubt, go slightly larger.

Here's the complete alphabetical list of the average engagement expenditures, by state, according to Ritani...

Alaska: $5,353
Alabama: $8,062
Arkansas: $3,176
Arizona $6,347
California: $7,991
Colorado: $6,938
Connecticut: $6,971
Delaware: $4,684
Florida: $7,128
Georgia: $6,099
Hawaii: $6,896
Iowa: $6,056
Idaho: $6,794
Illinois: $7,753
Indiana: $8,763
Kansas: $5,955
Kentucky: $6,677
Louisiana: $5,754
Massachusetts: $8,574
Maryland: $7,331
Maine: $4,105
Michigan: $5,605
Minnesota: $8,853
Missouri: $6,908
Mississippi: $6,065
Montana: $9,523
Nebraska: $3,835
New Hampshire: $8,556
New Jersey: $8,427
New Mexico: $5,131
Nevada: $9,478
New York: $7,789
North Carolina: $6,762
North Dakota: $8,616
Ohio: $5,546
Oklahoma: $4,835
Oregon: $5,525
Pennsylvania: $5,726
Rhode Island: $4,821
South Carolina: $4,868
South Dakota: $1,251
Tennessee: $4,535
Texas: $7,233
Utah: $4,537
Virginia: $6,024
Vermont: $2,665
Washington: $9,173
Wisconsin: $6,395
West Virginia: $5,196
Wyoming: $6,355

Source: Ritani.