July 29th, 2015
Kaitlyn Bristowe picked Shawn Booth in Monday night's Season 11 finale of ABC's The Bachelorette, and the handsome personal trainer from Nashville proposed marriage with a "dream ring" — a 3.5-carat halo-style stunner, featuring a round brilliant-cut center diamond and 160 accent diamonds that cascade down an entwined platinum band. The stunning brunette said, "Yes."


While bachelors of past shows have been apprehensive and indecisive with their ring choices, Booth was laser-focused and made his decision instantly. Celebrity jeweler Neil Lane told that Booth, 28, quickly honed in on the 3.5 carat ring after being shown a number of options.


"That’s the ring, that’s the girl and we are moving on together," the determined and confident Booth told Lane.


The jeweler knew that Bristowe preferred a round center diamond and had designed a number of rings that The Bachelorette would like. “I created this ring for her and I was thrilled when Shawn picked it," Lane said. "He knew what he wanted.”


Bristol, a 30-year-old former dance teacher from Vancouver, and her new beau are obviously thrilled with their new engagement ring, as they jumped on Snapchat to post selfies with their new bling front and center while flying to New York City for an appearance on Good Morning America.


The couple, who had to keep their engagement a secret until the show aired on Monday, will be traveling to both Vancouver and Nashville to determine the best place to make a home.

"I think we love the idea of having a summer home in British Columbia or Vancouver and living in Nashville," Bristowe told reporters Tuesday afternoon. "I think that sounds pretty ideal."

Bristowe also revealed that a big family is on the way. "I want four and he wants five [kids]," she said.

The couple seems to prefer a small wedding. "As long as we're surrounded by our family and friends, that's all that matters," Booth told ABC News.

Added Bristowe, "I'm not picky and I've never been that little girl who dreamt about her wedding day. I just can't wait to be in one room with all family and friends and that's the only thing I care about."

Although the early seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette allowed the couples to keep the rings even if they broke up, the rules have changed. Producers now demand that if a couple splits before the two-year mark, the ring must be handed back to ABC.

Credits: Neil Lane; ABC; Kaitlyn Bristowe/Snapchat.