June 14th, 2016
The champion Denver Broncos received their Super Bowl rings in a private ceremony held at Mile High Stadium on Sunday night. Adorned with 194 diamonds and a flourish of orange sapphires, the two-tone 10-karat gold rings commemorate in high style the team's 24-10 impressive victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.


Photos taken by the players and posted to Twitter confirm the huge proportions of the rings, which boast a diamond total weight of 5.05 carats and seem to dwarf the massive fingers of the most imposing athletes on the planet.


The rings were delivered to the stadium under high security in padlocked boxes, one for each player, coach, front-office member and support staff. Each box was emblazoned with the logo of Super Bowl 50.


As with all Super Bowl rings, the Broncos' treasure is teeming with symbolism. The ring's face features the Super Bowl 50 logo and the team's three Lombardi Trophies placed above the Denver Broncos logo on a field of pavé-set diamonds. The trophies are created from marquise-cut stones, tapered baguettes and pave-set stones, and represent the franchise's three Super Bowl wins.

The Bronco mane is designed in three waves of bright orange sapphires, while the head features pavé-set diamonds. The Bronco's eye is a round orange sapphire. The words "WORLD CHAMPIONS" adorn the top and bottom edges in raised gold letters.


The left side of the ring features the player's name above an image of a crown, which is a nod to the crown featured on past Broncos Super Bowl Championship Rings. The crown's three stripes represent the three Super Bowl titles. Eight round diamonds adorn the top of the crown and represent the team's eight AFC Championships. The player's number sits below the crown and is created from round pavé-set diamonds.

The right side features the words DENVER BRONCOS arched above an image of the Lombardi Trophy and the year 2015. The trophy is created from marquise-cut and pavé-set diamonds and is surrounded by a 10-karat yellow gold banner inscribed with the words "THIS ONE'S FOR PAT" in honor of Denver Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


Both sides of the ring are set with 28 diamonds, for a total of 56, marking the 56-year history of the Denver Broncos. The front and back edges each have 15 stones representing the 15 Divisional titles the Broncos have won and the team's 15 regular season and playoff wins in 2015-16.

The inside of the ring features the Super Bowl 50 logo and the Broncos logo above the Super Bowl date of 02.07.16. The scores of the three playoff games are listed next to the logos of the teams the Broncos defeated.

On hand to help the team celebrate were legendary players who were on past Super Bowl teams. Terrell Davis and Rod Smith were entrusted with the task of handing out the keys that opened the padlocked gift boxes.

Neither the ring manufacturer, Jostens, nor the Broncos' management would disclose the value of this year's rings. What we do know is that the Super Bowl XLIX rings of the New England Patriots were valued at $36,500.

Credits:;;; Jostens.